Epoch Technical Solutions specializes in NERC Compliance solutions including compliance program preparations, and software management.

NERC Compliance Services
Service Elements
Software Management Services
We offer system administration services to maintain your system and software. This involves such things as ensuring you have the latest version of the software and the latest Standards definitions by installing them as needed. We also will add new users, change user access rights, create and schedule new events, set up notifications, attach evidence, create new forms and other needed administration services.
Compliance Program Preparations
Program Organization
We can help you by organizing the job into small, manageable pieces that meet your internal objectives and structure. Included are resource assessments, responsibility assessments, access rights assessments, operational process assessments, database integration planning, IT needs assessments and reporting requirements.
Evidence Management Schemes
We offer tried and true evidence management schemes for handling NERC evidence that are logical, understandable and complete to assure the evidence you need is available for that audit. We will help you determine what evidence to gather, how to gather it, and where you are going to store them. Often this involves various databases already in use elsewhere in the company, or data files in drawers, or in electronic format. We can help prepare a data organizing plan for this purpose. Includes required evidence, supplemental evidence, Multi- Requirement evidence, communication’s tracking, scheduled and unscheduled evidence handling.
Implementation Schedule Development
We can help prepare optimistic, realistic and fall back implementation schedules utilizing sound time management techniques. These plans include items such as logistics, costs, training, review processes, data validation, start-up testing procedures, and compliance evaluations.
Lead Consultant
We are experienced consultants and can lead this effort if needed or assist you as directed.
We have developed a short, simple way of evaluating your Internal Compliance Program (ICP) that will help you assess not only your ICP, but your overall general readiness. If you do not have one, we can prepare one for you.
Each company should have a company policy that reflects its ICP and governs each standard. We can assist with the development of these policies including such essential elements as compliance assurance, department and managerial responsibilities, governing documents, filing dates, event frequencies, exclusions, and others as needed.
After the policies are developed, we work with you to develop internal procedures designed to ensure each requirement is addressed consistently, in adherence to your policy and on-time each and every instance an event occurs.
Need help developing meaningful compliance forms? Good forms are simple and informational. We start with your own company policies and develop forms that will ensure your policies are readily enforced. Forms can range from the simplest approval form to the most complex process mimicking CIPS and EOP standards. Forms can be automated using any one of the several Towerline Software products designed for this purpose.
All forms come with a comprehensive index identifying which form to use for what applications and what requirements to store them under. If you already have the iComply software, we can instead deliver them already installed and pre-linked to the appropriate requirement for automatic retrieval as related events occur.
We help you assess and improve your readiness for an audit. We do this by reviewing ICP’s, policies and performing a gap analysis on the data intended as evidence for each requirement to determine if it is relevant, complete, referenced and consistent for the appropriate timeframe. This includes forms, documents and models submitted, documents reviewed, communication dates, and other specific information. Upon completion the standard manager can sign off using Towerline’s spot assessment feature affirming the Standard is in compliance as of that date.
We offer a 3rd party analysis of your NERC evidence and readiness by using a very detailed and methodical process to examine each Requirement. This process includes reviewing RSAWS and identifying supporting evidence. Our services are intended for first time audits or for annual reviews. Customers are presented with a report that is very helpful when preparing RSAWS.
Our Premium Gap Analysis service consists of a first time analysis followed by two (2) annual follow up reviews and one (1) audit preparation review. Customers using Towerline Software’s iComply software will have the added benefit of choosing to have this review done using the auditing and the monitoring tools inside of iComply to report on it is constant readiness for an audit.
Optional services include marking and linking the evidence inside of submittable pdf formatted documents.
Compliance Facilitation Services
Are you considering outsourcing your compliance program administration? There are many times when a company needs assistance setting up and implementing a Compliance Program. Sometimes it is needed as a temporary measure while the company searches for a Compliance Manager, while other times it is a more permanent need due to manpower, time or technical deficiencies.
Epoch has a solution to this dilemma. We have the experience, talent, manpower, forms, process, software and reporting tools needed to effectively step in and do this function for you. Our personnel will document policies, perform the gap analysis, get all evidence up to date, provide compliance software, develop the appropriate forms, populate the software, monitor documents for timely reviews, issue equipment test reminders, document communications internal and external to the company, prepare RSAWS, and assist with audits.
Specialized WIND Energy NERC Program
Your needs are unique. They are not the same as other power generators. We have a new program in place dedicated to the Wind Energy industry.
We offer specialized:
  • ICP's
  • Compliance handbooks
    • Contractors
    • Operators
    • Supervisors
    • Management
  • Training materials
  • Training programs
  • Forums
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Shared expenses
  • Industry advocacy
  • NERC reporting
  • Customized Compliance Software
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