Epoch Technical Solutions is proud to offer a variety of services such as NERC Compliance Services, Software Support Services and Technical Services.


CIP v5 Services

The professionals at Epoch Technical Solutions can help assist the utility making their transition to CIP Version 5 much easier. Save time, resources, and money by avoiding potentially costly fines and having a better understanding of your new responsibilities.

  • Standard by Standard Services
  • Mock-Audits/Gap Analysis
  • Why Epoch Technical Solutions?
Turn-Key Services
  • NERC's PRC-005 Management
  • NERC Compliance Program Management
  • Print Management
NERC Compliance Services
Service Elements
Software Management Services
  • Software Setup and Population
  • Software Administration
Compliance Program Preparations
  • Compliance Program Development
  • Internal Compliance Plan Review and Preparation
  • Compliance Policy Review and Development
  • Customized Forms
  • Audit Readiness Assessment
  • Gap Analysis and Auditing
Compliance Facilitation Services
  • Compliance Management and Oversight
Specialized Wind Energy NERC Program
  • Program Overview
Service Bundles
Bronze: Audit Preparation and Assistance
Silver: Software Servicing
Gold: 1, 2, 3 GO!
Advanced: Managed Services
Premium: Managed+ Services
Software Support Services
  • Towerline Software - DOCodile® Productivity Suite
  • Towerline Software - T-Suite for RF Compliance
Technical Services
  • Power Services for Utilities
  • Scanning and Plotting Services
  • Convert hard copy drawings to AutoCAD
  • Project Economic Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Print Management
NERC Compliance!
Specializing in total TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS!  We even provide all the software. Any questions? Contact us today!
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Highlighted Services
WIND Energy Producers Program (Specially designed program)
PRC-005 Turnkey Solution (No Software License to Purchase!)
NERC Compliance Managed Services (No Software License to Purchase!)
ICP Reviews (Simple and quick. Answers that “Where do I stand? question.)