Technical Services
Maintenance Scheduling & Tracking
We can bring your maintenance records up to date and keep you there with this helpful service. This service is designed especially for those utilities with limited budgets or in need of temporary staff augmentation. We can help your maintenance efforts by verifying records, scheduling tasks, and tracking maintenance of relays, breakers, batteries and other equipment.
It is an important function requiring skills in growth forecasting, system integrity concerns, interconnects, legal orders, budgeting and other such items. It may also require developing cost estimates and financial justifications.
System Studies
Doing a system study is perhaps the most important part of the job. Often strategic decisions require the systematic reviews of several options to achieve the same goal. Our engineers will help you develop and analyze energy studies including RF analysis for OET65 compliance.
Technological Assistance
Do you have the people that can direct and oversee work but just lack the time or personnel to complete it? We can supply you with talented and experienced utility engineers and other personnel to assist you on that difficult or time consuming job. Our personnel work under your care and direction using your standards to provide a cost efficient way to get the job done the way you want it. Our expertise includes transmission line design, substation design, panel and I&C layouts, testing and startup liaison services.
Scan images to 42” wide into several popular formats.
Make Black & White and Color Plots to 42”.
We will scan your drawings from mylars, linen or microfiche and convert them to a bitmap, tiff or jpg or other popular format, clean them up, then paste them into an AutoCAD or Intergraph file. These files are “For Viewing Purposes Only” and are not suited for those that require the interactive features of a fully rasterized AutoCAD file.
Copy CAD
This program is set-up to transfer your existing mylars, microfiche, or linen drawings into rasterized CAD drawings. Line sags are duplicated using mathematical formulas instead of just digitized dots on a drawing connected by lines. This allows us to offer drawings that can actually be worked on in AutoCAD for not much more than the cost of simple scanned drawings that are useful only for viewing. We are very proud of this service. Our engineers work with designers and CCAD operators to help ensure your prints are reproduced accurately and neatly. Often, we are able to note discrepancies, or omissions on prints that can be corrected.
With this service we completely redraw your existing hard copy drawings into an AutoCAD or Intergraph format. Engineers review drawings and if desired, highlight discrepancies or errors of they are discovered.
Need help preparing multi-year budget projections? Our team can help you review company needs, prioritize projects, and prepare long term budget projections.
Experienced personnel prepare cost and revenue projections over typical timeframes of 3-5 years. Work often includes ROI, NPV, and Discounted paybacks all interactive and complete with adjustable sensitivity runs to determine how changes in cost or revenues affects payback.
Business Plan
Our experience preparing business plans for technical work span many years. We can help you with that new project, or with that new venture.
Owner's Engineer
We have staff experienced as the Owner’s Engineer dealing on a day-to-day basis with the Client’s staff, other engineering companies, and others needing to address issues or seeking approvals.
Construction Management
This is a comprehensive program to help track your project. As liaison to your contractors, we will track time and expenses and assist with oversight, testing and startups.
Standards Development
Experienced engineers will prepare standards on equipment, purchasing procedures, construction, and maintenance of electric utility systems.
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